Employment-based Immigration

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Your Partner In Workforce Management

A competitive workforce drives commercial success.  At Immigration Attorneys, LLP, we partner with our corporate clients to assist in the process of designating key employees, retaining essential personnel and obtaining additional time to further develop essential skill-sets maintained by foreign national employees.  We also work hand-in-hand with our individual clients as they explore and locate the perfect employment-based sponsorship opportunity.  We are respectful of competing interests and work together with all parties to an employment-base cased in an effort to organize and develop strategy, resulting in success.

We closely monitor developing adjudication trends so that our clients benefit from time-sensitive analysis of relevant issues.  Working with agencies such as US Citizenship & Immigration Services and the US Department of Labor in the employment-based petition process, we zealously represent our clients by presenting innovative approach to long-standing policy in an effort to make available more avenues for relief.

Whether you are an IT staffing company or a hospital organization, we work with you on matters ranging from H-1B preparation and submission to I-9 compliance and related risk management issues.  A foreign national workforce and the federal agencies that monitor it are a dynamic group, requiring due consideration.

If you are a foreign-based entity looking to transfer key personnel to the US to assume a managerial or executive position or a placement requiring specialized knowledge, we are happy to assist in laying the foundation for financial success beginning with the work-authorized placement of employees.

As a foreign national entrepreneur seeking investment into new or existing enterprises in the US, we team up with you to provide essential guidance as you develop, create and brand your new business in the US.

Whether dealing with the immigration service in the US (USCIS), the consulates abroad (DOS), the enforcement division (ICE), the labor department (DOL) or those your employees meet at a border (CBP), our focus remains the same.  What can we do for you and your company?