Immigration reform under this Administration

Posted on 10/12/2018 Immigration Attorneys, LLPThe outlook for immigration reform under the current administration is grim. While Trump is in the White House and Republicans control both houses of Congress, it is unlikely that any program that would benefit immigrants will be enacted.

However, there is good news. A study undertaken by the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC, Inc.) and its partners has shown that 18.5% of the undocumented population have a path to lawful permanent residence. That means that roughly 2 million undocumented persons in the U.S. have legal options available to them. These individuals are unaware that they have a path to legalization because they have not been screened by a competent immigration attorney.

Having legal status assists individuals by keeping families together, helping students stay in school, and obtaining secure employment. It also helps the whole community because it increases tax revenues and provides stability.

The importance of this study is that it shows that even if Congress does not take any steps toward immigration reform, legal options and a path to legalization may be available to many people already. The study's key takeaway is that it is critical to have your situation assessed by experienced immigration attorneys.

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