Victory at the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)!

We are proud to announce that our firm, with the ingenious help of Attorney, Laura Klosowski, saved a Haitian man from deportation. Our client immigrated to the U.S. as a child and has been a lawful permanent resident for many years, with U.S. citizen parents, spouse, children and many other relatives.

Unfortunately, our client was convicted of “maintaining a common nuisance” in the State of Indiana. He served no jail time for the offense, but merely got probation.

One might think that such a conviction would not even have any immigration implications. But think again.

ICE detained and attempted to deport our client for both a controlled substance violation and for conviction of an aggravated felony. ICE also held him in detention around one year, since, they argued, he was subject to mandatory detention and ineligible for release.

We successfully proved that the Indiana statute differed in important ways from the federal statute. Because of that, the Board of Immigration Appeals terminated proceedings, and our client is finally out of ICE detention and back with his wife and family!